Dishipline – Not your grandma’s decorative plates

dishipline, art, vintage plates, decoupage art

dishipline, art, vintage plates, decoupage

dishipline, art, vintage plates, decoupage

**This post was produced in collaboration with Dishipline. To find out more about our collaboration policy, go to our about page.**

Decorative plates on the wall. Flowers, charming countryside motives or Delft blue anyone? I had never considered putting decorative plates on my own walls as I thought they were old-fashioned. That was until I found Dishipline.

(Instagram) Crushing plates

Like many others, I have an habit of searching Instagram for inspiration and new accounts to follow. During one of my searches I saw a picture posted by Dishipline and liked it. A few days later, they liked one of my pictures. I decided to check them out again and followed them and that is how this modern Instagram lovestory started.

Not long after that I got an email from Daniela, the woman behind Dishipline, asking if I was interested in working together. A few emails later we agreed to a meeting in Utrecht.

Coffee and light in the darkness

Daniela and her husband Flavio meet me on a sunny afternoon at one of the local cafes  in Utrecht. Daniela and Flavio are both Italian but have been living in the Netherlands for years and while they now sometimes drink cappuccino in the afternoon, to the horror of their Italian friends, they have not lost the Italian affinity for beauty and style.

While sipping our coffees we talk about our shared interests in sustainability, people-watching and good (vegan) food. Soon, however, the tone turns more serious as Daniela starts telling me about how she got started with Dishipline. She had always been creative and loved art but as it often does, work had taken her away from her hobby. It was during this busy period in her life that Daniela found out she had cancer.

The news came as a shock and Daniela’s whole world stopped spinning. Faced with things such as 5% survival rate and intense cancer treatments she could have given up and let the cancer win but Daniela decided to focus on the positive. “If 5% have survived, then why can’t I be in that 5%,” she told herself.

Daniela cut down her work hours, became vegan and started creating art using vintage dishes and pictures clipped from books and magazines. Her light in the darkness, being able to create something beautiful even when her own reality was shadowed by the illness. Now, after a couple of years that she was not supposed to have, Daniela is still smiling and creating her art.

Living room full of Dishipline

After we finished our coffees we headed to the Little House in Utrecht. I am extremely happy to live in a house where I get excellent light conditions in the afternoon. With a little help from the Dishipline crew, I turned my living room into a photo studio. Daniela had brought a selection of her collection for me to photograph and soon I was arranging them into little groups.

As I was taking pictures Daniela told me how she looks for beautiful dishes everywhere she goes. She also has tons of old magazines and books and when she has a picture and a dish she combines them using decoupage. She loves using fashion magazines as a source because when taken out of their original context, the models often tell a completely different story. Daniela also uses the shape of the dish not just to frame the pictures but also for depth and perspective. There is a lot of movement in her dishes. Even though Daniela uses vintage plates, the contrast between modern and old is in balance. The pieces are quirky, beautiful and they will make you smile and think. Where is family traveling? Why are the couple chasing each other? What is going on in the blue-coated lady’s head?

  • dishipline, vintage plates, decoupage, clown

Gallery wall addi(c)tions

Eventually the photoshoot was over and it was time to pack up the dishes for the train trip back home. I was having a hard time letting go of one the dishes, as I had fallen head over heels in love with it. Daniela had noticed it too and as I was opening my mouth to ask her how much she wanted for the piece, she told me it was a gift. Humbled, I said my thanks about a million times and even now every time I see my little dish hanging on the wall I smile. The piece is a part of my gallery wall but lately I have been thinking that it feels a little lonely so I am probably going to end up buying another one. (especially now that I have seen the new collection on Instagram)

If you are also a fan of the Dishipline art, you can go to their website or their Instagram and see the pieces for yourself. Each of them is unique so if and when you fall in love with a particular piece, make sure to email Dishipline to secure it for yourself!

Were you already familiar with Dishipline? Plates on the wall, yay or nay? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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