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On Friday I attended the Bloggers and Vloggers City Tour Amersfoort. It was a fun day filled with delicious treats, interior decor eye-candy and meeting new inspiring people. I have put together this post with a lot of pictures and my opinions of the hotspots we visited so grab yourself a drink and get reading!

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I have now been living in the Netherlands for almost two years. Before that I had visited many times but I had yet to visit Amersfoort. Hence I was very excited when my friend Evelyne invited me over to her city. Evelyne blogs about food and lifestyle on her Buttercup Sisters blog and she also vlogs about travel on her TravelGloss channel. Recently Evelyne started organising tours in Amersfoort to show people the best hotspots in town.

Amersfoort is only 15 minutes away from Utrecht and it’s the second largest city in the province after Utrecht. It’s an old city with lots of charm and character. The middle point of the Netherlands can also be found in Amersfoort.

City tour Amersfoort

The city tour Amersfoort I attended had a design and fashion theme, so we visited a selection of companies in that niche. While I generally don’t blog about fashion, I do love nice clothes and shopping so that’s why I wanted to share these hotspots with you. Scroll down for pictures and information on each of the hotspots or click on the list below to jump right to the part you want to read.

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The Blueberry
Chocolate Company
Freewave kappers
Helemaal edelsmid



The Blueberry

The tour started at the Blueberry, an American-style breakfast and lunch cafe. The Blueberry is run by Evelyne’s sister, and this quirky little place specialises in cakes and proper American breakfast and lunch options. Think American pancakes with blueberries, New York cheesecake, pastrami sandwiches and much, much more. Everything is baked and prepared on the spot and the Blueberry also offers catering services.

I absolutely loved the interior decor at the Blueberry. It had such a cozy, comfortable vibe and a great use of colour. Just walking through the door will immediately cheer you up when you see the bright yellow counter. I also loved the mix of old lamps, movie posters and plants. I will definitely visit the Blueberry again when I’m in Amersfoort. That all-day breakfast is calling my name.

The Blueberry
Hof 21, Amersfoort
+ 31 33 752 0226




From the Blueberry we headed to Bodydress, located on the Langestraat. Bodydress is a lingerie boutique that has been in Amersfoort for 14 years. They carry many high-end brands but what makes them truly special is their all-year-round swimwear selection. How many times have you struggled to find a new pair of bikini for a beach holiday when it’s not the beach season in the Netherlands? Personally I dislike ordering underwear and swimwear online because finding the right fit is often a challenge and then I have to send things back. That’s why it’s so great to know that there are places like Bodydress.

I was also very impressed with the interior decor in the shop. I have a soft spot for well executed visual merchandising and Bodydress has done a great job at it. The shop was inviting and the styling really got me in the mood for a trip to a warm country with white beaches and clear skies.

Finally, something I really appreciate is how welcoming the personnel was, and not just toward our little group of bloggers. We were also told that Bodydress offers lingerie styling services. Their slogan – your second skin for every moment – is something they truly believe in. Lingerie should be fun; why only put thought and effort into your outerwear when good lingerie can boost your self-confidence? Bodydress wants the Dutch women to experiment a little more and go for something other than the usual black bra.

Langestraat 94-96, Amersfoort
+31 33 469 0704



Our next stop on the City Tour Amersfoort was also on the Langestraat. Reuring is a fashion and lifestyle store with strong Scandinavian influences. With its rows of sleek and modern clothing and Nordic lifestyle brands, Reuring wouldn’t feel out of place in Helsinki – or Copenhagen or Stockholm for that matter! In the middle of the store stands a fancy coffee machine and Reuring’s owner told us that it’s there so that their customers – no, guests, as he put it – can pop in for a cup and browse the selection at the same time. In the back there is also a bar with seats.

I think it’s probably quite obvious to everyone who knows me that the Reuring is right up my alley. The colours, the untreated wood, the pretty packaging… this is my kind of visual heaven. Definitely going back when I’m in Amersfoort again!

Langestraat 109, Amersfoort
+31 33 465 7201


Chocolate Company

After the Reuring we walked around for a bit and eventually arrived at the Chocolate Company where we were treated to an amazing chocolate high-tea as a part of the City Tour Amersfoort. I love chocolate, but unfortunately my nut allergy often makes it impossible for me to find anything to eat. Hence my excitement when I was presented a platter of perfectly safe cakes and treats. To be honest, I’m by now so used to not finding safe treats that when I do – and especially when they are arranged with a of-course-no-problem attitude – I feel very special. I could write a whole post on living with food allergies – and maybe I will, later – but I can’t stress enough how happy the Chocolate Company made me feel. If anyone from the Chocolate Company reads this, thank you once again, you made my day!

Oh, and everything tasted absolutely heavenly too but that probably goes without saying.


Chocolate Company
Arnhemsestraat 20, Amersfoort
+31 33 303 3042



Freewave Kappers

Stuffed with chocolate and cake, the City Tour Amersfoort continued. While we were eating it had started raining, but we made our way through the city centre to the Freewave Kappers. This hairdresser’s company has been on the same spot in Amersfoort for 18 years already, but a lot has changed over the years and the place has a lovely modern feel to it. We spoke with the owner who was very happy to tell us about her company. She is also behind the place’s stylish interior decor. I fell a little in love with the combination of concrete floors, exposed plaster walls and wood.

Of course, when you are looking for a hairdresser, you want to know what they can do. Freewave Kappers has a team of experienced hairdressers and they keep on top of trends and new techniques by re-training each year. The team specialises in colour treatments, specifically doing foil colours. Naturally, they also use high-end products, such as Moroccan Oil and Sebastian.

Finally, received a few professional tips for taking better care of your hair. The unpopular fact is that we should put the heat tools away, but the damage can be somewhat lessened with good protective products. Never skip the conditioner and a hair mask each week will do your hair a world of good. For my own bleach-blond hair I was recommended to use a silver-mask. I had of course used silver-masks before but now I was told that I should be putting it in my hair overnight. I will definitely give it a go!


Freewave Kappers
Utrechtseweg 68, Amersfoort
+31 33 462 1917



city tour amersfoort, helemaal edelsmid

Helemaal edelsmid

Our last stop on the City Tour Amersfoort was the jewellery designer and artisan Helma Vermeulen’s shop Helemaal edelsmid. Helma has a nice modern and minimalist style to her jewellery, which reminds me of a few Finnish brands such as Aarikka. She works a lot with stainless steel for durable and modern look but she also uses other metals. Helma also does a lot of custom work. If you have old jewellery that you would like updated or turned into something completely new, Helma can do that for you.

As a surprise, Helma had prepared us a chance to try our own hand at metalworking. She showed us how to create lettered plates and we all got to make our own lettered plates. I was a bit scared of hitting my fingers with the hammer rather than the metal plate but somehow I managed to avoid any injuries.

I really enjoyed the visit to Helemaal edelsmid and if I ever want any custom pieces made, I know where to go!

Helemaal edelsmid
Mooierstraat 10, Amersfoort
+31 33 737 0144


Thanks to Evelyne for organising the tour. If you are a blogger and want to know more about the City Tour Amersfoort (and how to attend one), check out the Buttercup sisters blog.

What did you think of my City Tour Amersfoort post? Have you ever been to Amersfoort? What are your favourite hotspots? Let us know in the comments and make sure to check out our Instagram for more visuals from our daily lives.

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