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swan market utrecht

swan market utrecht

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swan market utrecht steamed bun

Last Sunday I went to the first Swan Market Utrecht of the season with the mister and Sophie. I was already familiar with the concept as I visited one during the last season as well but those who are not familiar the Swan Market is an event for artisans, artists and other creatives with handmade items, art and vintage for sale… and of course there are food, drinks and music to wrap things up into a very attractive package.

The weather couldn’t have been better either, we had such glorious sunshine and the Vredenburgplein was packed with happy people walking around or sitting down with food and drinks.

Unfortunately we had a tight schedule for the Sunday so we only stayed for an hour but I found many potential art sources for our gallery wall and the mister and I shared a lovely steamed bun bought from one of the stalls. Ours was with pork but Sophie had the tofu one and she said it was very nice too. The only complaint was that the buns were cold, otherwise they would have been perfect.

After the market the mister and I made our way to Amsterdam to the opening of Kaan & Co but I will get back to that in its own post.

How did you spend your Sunday? Did you enjoy the sunshine as much as we did? Have you ever been to the Swan Market? Any other events you would recommend? Let’s hear it in the comments!

Nederlands: De afgelopen zondag ben ik naar de Swan market geweest hier in Utrecht. Het was de eerste markt van het seizoen en het weer kon niet beter beter geweest zijn! Ik had mijn vriend en mijn vriendin Sophie mee, en wij gingen rustig rondlopen. Ik heb niets gekocht maar wel leuke nieuwe kunstenaars gevonden. Helaas hadden wij het heel druk dus wij hebben maar een uur gebleven: namelijk moesten wij naar Amsterdam naar de openingsfeest van Kaan & Co. Er komt nog een post erover!

Ben jij ooit naar de Swan Market geweest? Zijn er nog andere leuke events die ik moet kennen? Ik hoor het graag!

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