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gallery wall, helsinki, art, poster, drawing, hoorn

gallery wall, art, photos, flowers, fruit, helsinki

kunst in kaart, helsinki, poster, art

*Disclaimer: all of the opinions expressed below are my own and this post was not sponsored by Kunst in Kaart*

Showing my Finnish background in our home is very important to me. As I had been living on my own for two years before moving to the Netherlands, it has been easy enough to do with the pieces I brought with me from Finland. However, whenever I see a new way to proudly show my Finnish colours, I’m game. (although sometimes that can lead to strange situations with the neighbours… but that’s a story for another time) So when I found out that Kunst in Kaart (art in a map) also takes requests, I had to act on it.

Kunst in Kaart – the background

Kunst in Kaart is a part of Van Raalten Infodesigns, a one-man design company in Utrecht run by Jorick van Raalten. His idea is to offer people affordable informational design and Kunst in Kaart originally started as a Kickstarter project in 2015. The goal was to create 20 mosaic maps of 20 cities. As of now Kunst in Kaart lists 36 mosaic maps on their site, and there are also over 80 other city maps listed on the site.

The popularity behind Kunst in Kaart is most likely the fact that it’s excellent design for an affordable price. It also doesn’t hurt that their service is excellent and that they have a good social media presence, especially on Instagram where I first came across Kunst in Kaart.

Many Dutch interior instagrammers were showing gorgeous maps on their feeds and I loved the idea of having a map to a special place on display in your home. Maps as art are of course very trendy at the moment, but to me the mosaic maps really stood out from the rest. I just had to get one!

My Helsinki map

I contacted Kunst in Kaart via their website, asking if it was possible for them to make a map of Helsinki for me. I’m already displaying a really nice photograph from Helsinki taken by a friend of mine, but as I’m building my gallery wall, another Helsinki reference was more than welcome.

Due to some technical difficulties it took a while before I was contacted by Jorick. However, as he saw that I had already been waiting a while with my request, he fast-tracked my request. I put down a 15€ deposit on the map and by the end of the week, I got an email saying that the Helsinki mosaic map was now available.

For my deposit I got a 15€ coupon code that I could use when placing my order. I ordered the map in size A4 and in the colour “cherry” (they also have other sizes and colours available) and in the end the map cost me 19,95€, which I find an extremely reasonable price! After I had placed my order it took less than a week for the print to arrive on our door mat, neatly packed in a cardboard envelope with sturdy cardboard inserts protecting the map from the evil forces of mail carriers. It’s not something I’m used to getting for free delivery!

At home it took a while before we got to hanging the artwork on the wall but once the mister was done being busy and sick, I got my Helsinki map on the wall. And I am so happy with it! The print is excellent quality. It’s simplistic, and has a lovely retro vibe to it, and the colours of the Cherry colour option are perfect to balance off the yellowness of the old drawing from the mister’s hometown.

I’m very happy with Kunst in Kaart and I am already thinking of requesting a poster for the mister’s hometown, though I’m not sure if two maps on one wall would work so well. The downside of a small apartment is that there aren’t quite enough walls for artwork! If you are looking for artwork for your wall, I can recommend getting one of the many maps available on their site, or maybe even the Helsinki mosaic map, even if you aren’t a homesick expat like me.

What kind of artwork do you have on your walls? Do you like maps? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Also, in case you want to see more of our home already, head to Your Little Home who featured it a while back! Their website is worth checking out either way as it’s full of inspiration for small homes and student budgets.

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March 9, 2016



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    February 26, 2016

    These are fantastic! I want one of the Utrecht mosaic maps to go with my gallery of Utrecht-related prints and vintage pictures.

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      Senja |Little House in Utrecht|

      February 26, 2016

      Ohh sounds like a great idea! I’m really happy with my poster so I would say go for it! 🙂


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