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Window decor is not important only for shops and companies, but also for anyone who lives on a ground floor. Having grown up in Finland, I value my privacy so we generally have thin translucent curtains in the front to prevent curious people from looking indoors, and in the evening the we close all of our curtains. As my mother likes to say, you don’t want to live in a fish bowl. (or maybe you do, based on my observations the Dutch have more exhibitionist tendencies than I do in any case)

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In Finland I worked a few years in retail and with design products so that has taught me to consider window decor as a way to showcase our style. It also offers the neighbours something to look at and adds to the curb appeal. It is also a lot nicer to come home and see pretty things on the window greeting you.

I am however not the biggest fan of a fully stuffed window sill. Curating is the way to go in my opinion. Otherwise you may end up looking like you have issues with hoarding. If you can’t decided which items you like best then rotate them in cycles. Change it up every month or season or what feels best to you. Just don’t stuff it. Give the items room to breathe.

My window decor is located at both ends of my window sill to leave some space for the cats but if you can, one bigger centrepiece in the middle generally looks great.

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As an attempt at keeping our home’s location somewhat of a secret in this day and age (as I said, I like my privacy) I am not going to show all of our window decor, especially not the latest one. (though I’m sure most of my readers are lovely people who won’t start stalking me) But here is a part of one from a few weeks back when the weather was lovely and not this bipolar rain-sun-rain display we have been having this week. The cat, Audrey, was of course there to steal the show when I was taking pictures, as she usually does. The sunlight may have also had something to do with it, after all, cats are the true hedonists of the world and love bathing themselves in even the fleck of sunlight.

The disco ball has followed me around for a few years already, it was one of the first things I bought when I moved to my little studio in Helsinki back in the day. Now it serves its purpose blinding people on the street.

I also like to have fresh flowers or green plants that reflect the current season. The cats on the other hand like to occasionally kick them over but that’s life with cats. A risk worth taking and so far (knock on wood) they haven’t managed to cause any massive damage.

A few statues finish it off, though the owl is more the mister’s thing than mine. The little copper bird I found at It’s a Present here in Utrecht and it was so delightfully silly and kitschy that I had to have it.

The vase is from Ikea and I have it in four different colours. I can recommend it for homes with cats as mine haven’t managed to break a single one and they have given it their best efforts.

Do you dress your windows or is window decor something you haven’t given any thought? If so, why? Let’s hear it in the comments!

Nederlands: Raamdecoratie, een mooi manier om de buren te laten zien wat jouw interieur stijl is zonder dat ze binnengluren. Wij wonen op begane grond dus ik vind het fijn om een vitrage te hebben, ook is het misschien niet zo modern, en s’avonds gaan de gordijnen gewoon dicht. Ik ben nog niet ingeburgerd genoeg om ze open te laten. Dus ik zorg dat langslopende mensen hebben iets leuks om te kijken. Meestal bloemen met mijn disco ball. Af en toe is er ook een kat erbij. 

Hoe voel jij over raamdecoratie en/of gordijnen? Ik hoor het graag!

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I am a twenty-something Finnish girl living in the Netherlands. I blog about my life and my current obsessions. When I grow up I will be a crazy cat lady (or a marketing professional). I enjoy photography, interior decor, travelling, good food and learning about new cultures.

March 9, 2016
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    April 8, 2016

    Our cats — and now sometimes our dog — are our most frequent window decorations. I have some sheer panels in white/silver/blue that frame the window (and a frosted strip for extra privacy). We also have an apple green sideboard cabinet beneath the window with changing decorations (but always with room for the cats).

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      Senja |Little House in Utrecht|

      April 8, 2016

      Sounds very nice! There must always be room for the cats or they will start redecorating 😉


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