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Hi everyone!

Until now I have only written my posts in English, but from now on you can also read (almost) all my posts in Dutch. Yay!

I do want to point out that Dutch is not my native tongue (well, neither is English but you know what I mean) so there will be some typos, and sometimes the Dutch grammar is not my best friend. So, if that’s something you can’t handle, you can continue reading my blogs in English. (as you are doing right now!)

(If you want to help to improve my Dutch, you are welcome to give me some pointers in the comments. Or feel free to contact me!)

The reason I’ve decided to start blogging in Dutch as well, is that such a big part of my audience is Dutch. I know that for many of you English isn’t a problem at all, but I still want to communicate with you in your own language. Plus, this is a great chance for me to improve my Dutch.

As I do have a pretty busy life, I will not be translating my old posts, and you can still find them here on the English blog page.

I hope you find this bit of news just as exciting as I do!




Senja |Het Finse Meisje|

I am a twenty-something Finnish girl living in the Netherlands. I blog about my life and my current obsessions. When I grow up I will be a crazy cat lady (or a marketing professional). I enjoy photography, interior decor, travelling, good food and learning about new cultures.

July 25, 2018



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    August 5, 2018

    Super leuk dat je nu ook in het Nederlands gaat bloggen!!!

    Liefs Marlou

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      Senja |Het Finse Meisje|

      August 5, 2018

      Jaa het is iets dat ik langer wil doen maar wist niet precies hoe het zou kunnen met WordPress… uiteindelijk heb ik een hele goede plug-in gevonden dus nu kan ik eindelijk aan de slag 🙂


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