Little House visits Amsterdam – Kattencafe Kopjes

Little House in Utrecht, Kattencafe Kopjes

Awhile ago, Andishe discovered a beautiful little place in our famous neighbour city of Amsterdam, which we thought we definitely have to share with you, especially if you are a interior design and cat lover!

Kattencafe Kopjes is not a normal cafe, which you find next to the main streets of the city centre. The cosy cafe has a twist to it – while you enjoy your delicious cup of coffee or a piece of cake you have the possibility to watch, pet or even play with one of the eight cats, which live at the cafe. You may have heard about this concept before, a cafe where the animals are free to walk and play around, while visitors enjoy their company. While places like Berlin, New York, London and Paris already had opened their own cat cafés, the Netherlands had to wait until April 2015.

Little House in Utrecht, Kattencafe Kopjes

Located at Marco Polostraat 211, it is quite easily accessible by the tram. No matter if you are just in Amsterdam for a day or you live nearby, Kattencafe Kopjes is definitively worth a visit. The cats are waiting for you! The visitor gets the opportunity to visit the cats by paying the obligatory 3€ “cat taxes”. On the card there is a delicious little selection of warm and cold drinks, as well as cakes and other snacks – All fresh and made with love. But keep an eye on your food, if you don’t eat your cakes, the cats will!

Jokes aside all of the cats are very friendly and super cute! Although you may not spot all of them at once, when you first sit down, slowly but surely they will show themselves and play with you (if you’re lucky). The cafe also assures you that each and every one of the cats are trained and used to being surrounded by the 10-20 humans in the cafe. All of them have been adopted from a shelter and chosen based on their open character and behaviour with humans.

Little House in Utrecht, Kattencafe Kopjes

The design and interior of the cafe are also very appealing. The chairs, sofas and tables have an antique touch to them and most accessories are themed around cats. For the animals, the owners have installed playing gadgets, cat trees and provided enough toys in order to make them feel at home. Little cat figures, cute napkin holders or basket chairs, give the room a very comfortable finish.

Little House in Utrecht, Kattencafe Kopjes

We think that a “little trip” to Amsterdam every once in a while is definitely a good idea. So the next time you are in town, you shouldn’t miss out on the one and only Kattencafe Kopjes.

The cafe is open every Wednesday-Sunday from 10a.m.-19p.m.

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