Kaan en Co Opening Party

kaan en co, kaan and co, kaan&co, amsterdam, lijnbaansgracht 292

kaan en co, kaan and co, kaan&co, amsterdam, lijnbaansgracht 292

kaan en co, kaan and co, kaan&co, amsterdam, lijnbaansgracht 292

kaan en co, kaan and co, kaan&co, amsterdam, lijnbaansgracht 292, opening party, treats

**This blog post was written in collaboration with Kaan en Co. All the opinions expressed by me are mine.**

Just over a week ago I was invited to the opening of Kaan en Co to take a look around the merchandise. It also gave me an opportunity to interview the owner Eva Kaan. Eva is an interior-lover and a mother in her early thirties. She started Kaan en Co initially as a webshop but around six months ago on a holiday in Thailand she heard that a shop location was becoming available. Eva took the chance and the shop opened two weeks ago on Lijnbaansgracht 292 in Amsterdam, just a little walk away from Rijksmuseum. Eva also writes a blog called Mrs Anchelon with a team of women wanting to inspire other women.

The opening was on Sunday the 10th, and I went there after my quick visit to the Swan Market in Utrecht. Eva greeted me herself and after getting a glass of sparkling wine to celebrate the occasion I got to explore the shop. There was a lot to see so it was lovely to have the opportunity to browse at my own pace. At one point Eva’s mother came to discuss the shop with me, and the whole time there were a lot of Eva’s friends and family around, supporting her and celebrating the opening. “People ask me ‘Who’s the &co?’. I don’t have an official &co, but I mostly answer the co’s are all my ‘kornuiten’, which in my case means friends and family who help me with the shop,” Eva wrote to me later when I mailed her my questions. 

  • Kaan & Co, Amsterdam, Lijnbaansgracht 292, interior decor, ethnic chic, bohemian, visual merchandising

The products at Kaan en Co are all carefully chosen by Eva. Her own decorating style, “ethno-chique” as she calls it herself, is reflected in the colourful fabrics and patterns. “In my house, almost all the walls are bright white, but almost all the items have color or a good story. I try to avoid Ikea as much as possible (although some things from Ikea are absolutely fantastic!), because I want my house to be different. Just like in my own house, the shop has quite a lot of color plus it’s a mix of different styles. . . .  After the opening on Sunday, my friends told me the shop is really ‘Eva’, so maybe we should just rename it to ‘Eva’s style’.”

Finding inspiration from instagram (she has over a 1000 screenshots on her phone!) Eva sources the products from several smaller (European) brands, some of which produce their items in Asia. She also works with a manufacturer from Thailand who makes the specific items Eva designs herself. Eva has visited the manufacturer’s factory in the northern Thailand to make sure that the working conditions are good and to get to know the people she works with.

Along with the small brands, Eva works with a vintage wholesale company that source quality vintage and antique items that are used to display items in the shop but some of them are also for sale. To me this makes Kaan en Co an almost irresistible shopping destination. Unique vintage items, carefully curated brands, in many price ranges… can’t stay away!

Eva says that for her it’s important to have a variety of prices in her shop. “I have cushions for 15€ and I have cushions for 160€. I adore the 160€ cushions, but I’m well aware of that not everyone can pay prices like that for ‘just’ a cushion. When I buy items for the shop, I take a close look at the price and when it’s high, I ask myself whether I would save up for a product like this. If the answer is yes, the item is welcome in the shop.” As someone with a student budget, I appreciate that. I love splurging on beautiful things for the house but I can’t do that all the time so it was lovely to go to the store and find gorgeous items within my budget.

Finally I ended up buying some little things for the house: a small copper basket that I put in the kitchen and a small glass and copper box for containing all of the earrings I always end up leaving next to the bed. Pictures will follow later although I already featured the little box on my instagram. I also received a pair of absolutely adorable earrings from Eva, as a small thank you for coming.

So if you ever are in Amsterdam and find yourself close to the Rijksmuseum make sure to pay Kaan en Co a visit! They are open from Thursday to Sunday from 11 o’clock to 17 o’clock. Most of their products are also available online in the webshop.

Have you already visited Kaan en Co? Do you have a favourite shop I should visit, either in Utrecht or Amsterdam? Let’s hear it in the comments!

Nederlands: een ruim week geleden was ik in Amsterdam voor het openingsfeestje van Kaan en Co. Kaan en Co is een superleuke concept store vol met verschillende interieur en lifestyle producten geïnspireerd door reizen naar Thailand en instagram. Kleurrijke patterns en unieke vintage-vondsten voor verschillende budgetten, ik voelde me helemaal thuis! Ik heb paar dingen gekocht, een kleine kopere mandje voor in de keuken en een kleine glazen en kopere doosje voor oorbellen en andere sieraden die anders naast mijn bed liggen. Het adres is Lindengracht 292, Amsterdam, geen vijf minuten lopen vanuit het Rijksmuseum, ideaal dus voor een dagje Amsterdam! Kaan en Co heeft ook een webshop dus ook als je net iets te ver woont, kan je die leuke producten gewoon naar huis laten bezorgen. 

Ben je al er eens geweest? Zijn er nog andere leuke winkels die ik móet kennen? Ik hoor het graag!

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I am a twenty-something Finnish girl living in the Netherlands. I blog about my life and my current obsessions. When I grow up I will be a crazy cat lady (or a marketing professional). I enjoy photography, interior decor, travelling, good food and learning about new cultures.

April 12, 2016



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