Girls’ night

Little House in Utrecht, girls' night, gin and tonic

Little House in Utrecht, candles, flowers, living room, girls' night

Such busy weeks at school now that we are only two weeks away from the final deadlines! In times like these it’s fun to look back to more laid-back times, such as to the girls’ night I had almost two weeks ago with my lovely (blogger) friends Hayley and Sophie.

Hayley just launched her new travel blog Travel in Technicolour and Sophie is the cooking maven behind her blog Feast with Sophie. Both most certainly worth a visit or two!

Anyway, it was a really nice Friday evening filled with food and sparkling wine and gin and tonics. Plenty of girl talk too. Exactly the kind of thing one needs occasionally.

We decided to have the girls’ night as the mister was off to Austria and we had the place all to ourselves. We put up music, lit all the candles in the house and sat around the table. Sophie made a Mexican-style salad and tomato salsa and Hayley brought more snacks as well. I made a Finnish style gravad lax according to my grandmother’s recipe. An interesting mix of different cuisines but hey, good food is good food!

Though all of us love visiting new interesting places in Utrecht, this time we decided to just stay in. (none of us was feeling like going to the bars) Sometimes, and for me it’s starting to become most of the times (getting old I suppose) it’s more fun to stay in than go out. The drinks are generally cheaper, and in our case the food is better. Also you have more say over the music!

We had such a great time and we will definitely do it again. I love entertaining at home, be it a girls’ night or a dinner party with family. Brings the space to life.

A short post today, as I haven’t quite got the hang of scheduling posts yet. Rookie mistake, but I got to dash off soon to start filming one of the videos we are doing for our school projects. This one is a PSA against verbal abuse. I do love the fact we get to work with such different things!

What are your ingredients for a perfect girls’ night? Do you like going out or staying in? Let’s hear it in the comments!

Senja |Het Finse Meisje|

I am a twenty-something Finnish girl living in the Netherlands. I blog about my life and my current obsessions. When I grow up I will be a crazy cat lady (or a marketing professional). I enjoy photography, interior decor, travelling, good food and learning about new cultures.


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    March 9, 2016

    Thank you for the shout out!! Good food is good food indeed… I feel like I should get that on a t-shirt!

    • Reply

      Senja |Little House in Utrecht|

      March 9, 2016

      Hahah I’d totally wear that T-shirt as well! 😀

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    Hayley | Travel in Technicolour

    March 24, 2016

    It was a fantastic evening, thanks for having us over! My house next! 🙂


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